Get Cash Today For Your Gold!

Do you need extra cash? Do you have any old, broken, or unwanted gold jewelry? With gold currently selling at record highs it's a great time to clean out that jewelry box and turn your unwanted gold jewelry into cash.

Because gold is selling for such a premium there are lots of buyers sprouting up. You need to be careful and pick a buyer who will properly grade, weigh, and pay a fair price for your gold jewelry.

Alaska Gold Buyers proudly posts the prices we pay. We don't try low balling based on what we think we can get each particular seller to take. All sellers will be offered the same price based on that day's market price. It is Alaska Gold Buyers' policy to pay you more for your scrap gold than anywhere else in the area. Since other buyers don't post their prices–and if asked–are sometimes evasive as to what they pay, it is difficult to ensure that we are beating everyone. If you find a dealer offering a higher gold price we will meet or beat that price. Alaska Gold Buyers will determine the purity (karat) of your gold and then weigh it in your presence. You will be given an offer and if accepted receive a company check drawn on an Alaskan bank.

What we Pay

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Alaska Gold Buyers is locally owned and conveniently located in the JPS Cars office in Eagle River. In fact, you can even use your gold towards a down payment on any of the cars on their lot.

We hope the information on out website helps you make an informed decision on selling your scrap and used jewelry.